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Return conditions for after-sales service - ECP, IT wholesaler

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In order to improve the treatment of returned products under warranty, any return of a faulty product must be done according to this procedure.


The Seller is defined as the EUROP COMPUTER PERFORMANCE or ECP Company. The Buyer or the customer is defined as being the Company accepting these General Conditions of Sale.


  • Any product return without an RMA number or not having been the subject of an RMA number request will not be accepted and will be the responsibility of the sender.
  • This request must be made using the forms attached to this procedure.
  • Each form must be correctly completed (all fields are mandatory) in order to shorten the processing time and provide you with the RMA number as quickly as possible. No other form will be accepted.
  • The request must be made by fax to the number on the form. After verification, the customer will receive an RMA number by email.
  • The RMA ID is not a guarantee certificate, but a file number valid for 4 weeks.


  • Following receipt of the RMA ID, the customer must return the products correctly packaged.
  • The RMA ID must be clearly written on the cardboard
  • The transport is the responsibility of the customer. No postage due product will be accepted.
  • The processing time for your file runs from the arrival of the goods at Europ Computer Performance.


  • Items must be returned 15 days before the end of the warranty.
  • Any motherboard must be returned without any accessories (tablecloth, CD, etc.) unless it is a case of a new product broken down when unpacking for which it must be returned complete in new condition in its original packaging. We do not accept any liability for accessories.
  • Any product returned damaged or broken will not be taken as guarantee.
  • The description of the fault must be as precise as possible (HS or defective are not accepted).
  • Any non-compliant package may be returned (transport charged to the customer).
  • Any product out of warranty cannot be processed.
  • We are not responsible for returns made without authorization and without an RMA number displayed legibly on the outside of the package.
  • Accessories (keyboards, mice, cables, tablecloths, fans, speakers, etc.) are not supported by after-sales service.