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About ECP, computer hardware wholesaler

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Dear client or future client,

Because you are a professional and your time is limited, we will try to answer in a concise and clear way the questions you have about Europ Computer Performance.

Through this list of questions / answers, we hope that you will have a clear idea of ​​what Europ Computer Performance is and what you can expect from ECP as a computer wholesaler.

If any questions remain or you wish to obtain additional information, our sales representatives remain at your disposal on or by email .

Happy reading.

The Web Team

Frequently asked questions about ECP

  • ECP - computer wholesaler, who are we? Probably the first question that you ask yourself and rightly so! So let's start by introducing ourselves. Portrait ...

  • What you can expect from a computer wholesaler like ECP: Europ 'Computer Performance, we make the difference! Our strengths, our strengths…
  • I am an individual, can I order computer equipment from ECP? As an IT wholesaler, Europ-computer Performance is aimed at resellers and IT professionals.
  • How to contact us? Our contact details, our phone number, email addresses, sales representatives, after-sales service, logistics, accounting…
  • How to access our wholesale prices? Reminder: The ECP site is reserved only for resellers and IT professionals.
  • How to open an account? Procedure and step for opening an account with ECP. Filling out a form.
  • I can no longer access your site because my account is deactivated: Temporary account and reactivation. Final account for customers.
  • Is there a minimum order? Minimum order of 25 € HT excluding shipping costs.
  • What are the shipping costs and method of delivery? Minimum shipping costs of 28 € then calculation according to weight, postal code and carrier.
  • Delivery time and receipt of packages: Our carriers, their delivery time, delivery in France and abroad, what to do when receiving packages…
  • Payment and first order: Payment by credit card or bank transfer. Documents to provide.
  • After Sales Service: Warranty period. Manufacturer's warranty and on site. Return of defective materials. Standard exchange. Online RMA entry.


    ECP - computer wholesaler, who are we?

    We are a computer wholesaler company with 25 years of experience. Aimed at IT professionals, Europ 'Computer Performance specializes in the import and distribution of IT equipment. Our goal is to become one of the leaders in the distribution of computer equipment, by offering you a very wide range of products at competitive prices and delivery within 24 hours.

    Pour en savoir plus sur Europ Computer Performance.

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    What you can expect from an IT wholesaler like ECP

    All of our activity and efforts are focused on 4Ps.

    P for Product
    First of all, our goal is to offer you products with good technical qualities. Then, to present a wide range of products to you as a general wholesaler. Finally, because IT is constantly evolving, we are constantly looking for innovative and original products.

    P for Price
    The sinews of war, and we know it all too well! We will not claim to be the cheapest on all products, but we will constantly strive to offer you the products at the best price. There is no point in arguing further, we leave it to you to consult our prices and compare with the competition. The numbers will speak for themselves ...

    P for Professional
    Because our clients are professionals, we are committed to professional services: delivery in France within 24 hours a day and 48 hours abroad, catalog and prices accessible 24 hours a day on the web, standard warranty and exchange, loss and delivery insurance , ...

    P for Partner
    The ultimate goal, the permanent desire to retain our customers. We seek a lasting relationship where each customer buys with confidence in the product, in the price, and in the associated services. In short, a winning and lasting Customer / Supplier partnership.

    To conclude, Caesar said "Veni, Vedi, Veci". At ECP, we will say: "Consult, Compare and Order!".

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    I am an individual, can I order computer equipment from ECP?

    As an IT wholesaler, Europ-computer Performance is aimed at resellers and IT professionals. With a Customer base of more than 5000 resellers spread across mainland France, we suggest you redirect to one of our customers.

    But why go to a resellerBecause the IT reseller is recognized for his IT and professional skills. Often passionate about his profession and driven by real know-how, he is undoubtedly the person best placed to advise you and install our product. In addition, you participate in the development of local commerce, synonymous with human relations, essential elements in the maintenance of the urban and rural fabric.

    To find the closest computer dealer to you, we invite you to contact us via our contact form.

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    How to access our wholesale prices?

    As an IT wholesaler, our site is reserved for resellers and IT professionals (B2B).

    Our catalog contains nearly 5,000 product references divided into the following categories:

    • Integration products (boxes, processors, memories, storage, ...)
    • Peripherals
    • Cables and Connectors
    • Accessories and Consumables
    • Networks
    • Gaming
    • Software (Microsoft Windows, Office Pack, Antivirus, ...)
    • Systems (Notebook, server, Cube, ...)


    To view our prices, you must have a valid account and authenticate yourself.If you are new, you must first complete the account opening form.

    If you are an individual , you can consult our technical sheets for information. No information on prices or availability can be communicated to you. For any questions or additional information, please contact your dealer first. He will be better able to inform you.

    However, if you wish to contact us, you can send us an email . No other mode of communication will be accepted. Due to lack of time, we cannot guarantee you a quick response because we reserve them as a priority for our reseller customers.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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    How to open an account?

    Carefully fill in the account opening form by specifying your siret number, your contact details and your email address.

    Subject to the information being valid, one of our sales representatives will activate your account. You will then receive your access codes by email which will allow you to access our website (username and password).

    This information is strictly confidential. Do not divulge it under any circumstances. Also note the email address of the sender of the message, it is the name of the salesperson who will now take care of your account. In general, opening an account requires one day (working day).

    If you are in the process of setting up a business, and you do not yet have a siret, unfortunately we will not be able to give you access to our website, nor to communicate our prices to you.

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    Is there a minimum order?

    To order on ECP, the minimum amount is 50 € HT excluding shipping costs. This minimum is necessary to guarantee a quality logistics service and ensure a delivery time within 24 hours. However, we do our best to keep this amount as low as possible, in order to allow as many people as possible to order.

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    What are the shipping costs and the delivery method?

    IThere is a minimum shipping cost of 9.9 € HT. Shipping costs are calculated automatically taking into account the following parameters:

    • the total weight of the order
    • postal code
    • express delivery before 12 p.m.
    • choice of carrier.


    To date, we offer Fedex and ChronoPost carriers. Each carrier has more or less advantageous rates depending on the geographic area of ​​the recipient. On the website, you have the possibility to test the different carriers in order to select the cheapest.

    For deliveries on Saturdays, you will have to plan a supplement of 12.5 € with Fedex or 10 € HT with ChronoPost.

    For customers located abroad (DOM-TOM, Europe, North Africa, etc.) , shipments are made only with their forwarder. The customer must appoint his forwarder to collect the goods in our warehouse located in the Paris region.

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    Delivery time and receipt of packages

    Whatever the carrier, your packages are delivered by Express service within 24 hours, anywhere in mainland France. If you place an order before 2:00 p.m., you will receive the products the next day before 1:00 p.m.

    Warning! These deadlines are given for information only. Due to unexpected and uncontrollable events (strikes, bad weather, etc.), ECP cannot be held responsible for any resulting delay in delivery.

    Important note: when receiving the goods, it is imperative to check the following 3 points, even if it means making the driver wait. Note that the latter is required to wait for you throughout the duration of the check.

    • 1. Count the exact number of packages. This must correspond to the number indicated on the slip presented by the delivery person,
    • 2. Make sure that the protective tape specific to ECP (ECP written in blue on a white background) is not peeled off or replaced,
    • 3. Check the good condition of each package, exterior and interior, especially for the boxes even if the box appears to be in good condition.


    If one of these 3 points is not respected, let alone several, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to express reservations on the carrier's slip, by writing:

    In case 1: note the exact number of packages received and indicate the missing number.

    In case 2: mention the following observation "warranty strip peeled off or replaced".

    In case 3: Indicate exactly the following statement "package damaged during transport, broken merchandise, unsaleable product".

    After specifying these reservations, contact your ECP sales representative the same day to open a dispute. Provide the following documents (sworn statement and photocopy of the receipt).

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    Payment and first order

    To order on the site, you have the choice between a payment by CB secured by our bank CIC or a transfer. In the case of a first payment by credit card, you will also have to complete the debit authorization document.

    This document must be returned to us duly completed and signed by fax to accompanied by your KBIS extract. All these documents are necessary to proceed to the opening of your account, with the SFAC in particular, and to secure the payments. They will not be needed afterwards.

    Once the order has been placed on our website, you will receive a message by email summarizing your purchases. Your ECP sales representative, whose name appears in the order email, is also notified by email. He / she remains of course at your disposal for any further information by telephone. To speed up the processing of your first order, please send the documents mentioned above by fax.

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    ECP After-Sales Service


    By default, all our products are guaranteed for 1 year parts and labor from the date of purchase (invoice). Defective items must be returned to us at our premises. Some items such as screens or printers offer an on-site warranty. In this case, the end customer must contact the manufacturer directly, who will send a technician. To know exactly the procedures to follow and the contact details, you can download the corresponding document from the After-Sales section. On the other hand, some products have a warranty extension of 2 to 3 years (some motherboards, hard drives, etc.).

    Standard exchange:

    In the event of a breakdown when unpacking or a defective item purchased less than a week ago, ECP will exchange it for you free of charge, provided this product is available in stock.


    before returning the defective products to us, the customer must first enter them electronically on our website, in the RMA online section. This step will make it possible in particular to detect products for which the warranty is already covered by the manufacturer. In addition, at the end of this step, the customer receives by email a summary of his after-sales service as well as a return number (RMA number) that he will only have to print and attach to the package. Each defective item must be sent with a photocopy of the purchase invoice. Failure to follow this procedure will inevitably result in a delay in the processing of the after-sales service. ECP also reserves the right to refuse a package that does not have an RMA return number.

    Caution regarding the packaging of the parcel:

    the customer will only have to ship the defective parts. For example, for motherboards, only the card should be sent. Documentation, cables and connectors must not be included in the package. We remind you that the goods travel at the expense, risk and peril of the customer. The customer must ensure that the package is properly protected (packaging, protective film, foam) and that it is correctly transported to our premises. ECP cannot be held responsible for any loss. ECP also accepts no liability for damage caused by improper or insufficient packaging.

    Where to send: Europ 'Computer Performance
    Service Après Vente
    29 Avenue Jean Moulin
    93240 STAINS
    Tel : +33 (0)1 49 98 98 98 ( Ask Samira)

    To find out more, see our page “After-sales service return conditions

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